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We have an amazing church council that is completely dedicated to serving all of you as members of Martin's. The council met last night to do a walkthrough and complete a punch list of items that require attention prior to us having our open house and first worship service. There are many items that need attention, with many being cosmetic in nature and easy fixes. However, there are a chunk of items that require great detail to be completed and there are some safety/code issues that need to be fixed prior to us being allowed to have a Certificate of Occupancy to the building, with the kitchen, balcony, and emergency exits being the most crucial items to be fixed prior to being allowed to conduct business in the facility. Our staff will continue to work from home for the remainder of this week, until we have a temporary occupancy where we can at least work in our offices. We have been given the green light to move some of our goods into the building so that they can start to be assembled. We will be working on a schedule to offload items to stage in the building before they will be placed in their dedicated space. This week I will be receiving shipments from our vendors and then we will set times to offload our trailers while keeping things away from the work that is still required on the building. Our insurance coverage has been changed over to our new location and we have coverage on our items in the new facility.


What this means, however, is that we will not be able to have our open house on the 22nd of July or our first worship service on the 26th of July in our new building. We are not setting another date for the open house and first worship at this time. We will be worshiping at Central Cass School at 7pm on Sunday night until further notice. Please know that this is not the email or decision we wanted to make, but after our walkthrough and seeing the report from the inspector we felt we had to once again change the opening date for the building. We are open to any conversation or questions you may have, as we continue to live out our commitment of transparency as your leadership team.

Pastor Mike

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