Pastor's Message

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
I am writing this article the Friday after Rally Sunday. What a wonderful experience we had as a congregation, so full of excitement to kick off another program year! The reality is how to maintain that energy level as a worshiping community; not just for a Sunday or two, but for every day of our lives. It is possible to maintain, but it takes us all to make it happen, through our commitment to our faith journey. We do this by living out what is most important to us in our lives. We hear it in these words from the gospel of Luke, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” (12:34 NRSV)
Do we intentionally commit ourselves to our faith journey and belief in who Christ is in our lives? I have talked about this many times in sermons, growing up Lutherans we do not seem to have those ah ha moments of announcing Christ is Lord of our lives. Yes, I know the argument that we have our baptisms and affirmation/confirmation of our faith lives, but what about living out and sharing with others how important Christ is in our lives. Naming and claiming Christ as Lord and Savior does not require another baptism or affirmation/confirmation service. It requires each of us to make Christ a priority in our lives, and guess what, you are the only one that gets to make that decision!
I am not saying that the other aspects of our life are not important, as our family, occupation, friends, and activities are important. They all should collectively include our faith life. If you have ever seen the end of a Bison Football game, you see the team gathered at the center of the field to pray together as a group. This is putting Christ front and center in their lives. When you see families or people praying at a table in a crowded restaurant, that is putting Christ front and center in their lives. You see, when we put Him first and foremost in our lives, it just adds so much more to our lives and the activity that we are participating in our daily routine.
On the last day of this month, we will celebrate two things in one day. We will once again celebrate Reformation Sunday. The Reformation was all about getting people to understand the freedom of the will that God has granted us as His creation. Of course, with that freedom we get to choose between the Triune God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) or something else that takes center stage in our lives. Which one wins for you personally? The second thing we will celebrate that day is our Confirmation service, where twenty young people will affirm their faith in who Jesus Christ is in their lives. I cannot wait to read their faith papers and then continue to pray for them that they continue to live out the promises they are making in their papers and on Sunday in front of the congregation, their family, and friends. Please make sure that you pay attention to future announcements, as we may have two worship services on that day to celebrate these two amazing events that tie us together as the body of Christ!
My brothers and sisters in Christ, the journey that we are all given is different; filled with many great days and some challenging days that cannot be avoided. However, if we allow Him to be at the center of our lives to guide us and lead us, even the bad days are not that bad because of His unconditional love, surrounding us with a support system that is unbelievable. I can honestly say this from experience, the peace He gives is indeed life changing, if we allow our
hearts to focus first on Jesus as our Lord and Savior! He is mine and I hope you too make the same commitment for yourselves this day and every day of your life!!
Pastor Mike